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The Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs will play in Jacksonville Beach on Saturday at the "world's biggest cocktail party," barring a two-year hiatus caused by the death of Florida State University football coach Jim McElwain. Florida's only other major college football team, the Florida Panthers, have played in the city almost every year since 1933.

In 1966, they played in the Gator Bowl, followed by the Boston Patriots in 1968 against the Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos in 1969. The city hosted the American Football League's All-Star game in 1967 and 1968, along with the scoring bowl, and in 1966 hosted the NFL's first ever Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, followed by a game against the San Francisco 49ers in 1967 and a game between a New Orleans Saints team and the San Diego Chargers in 1968.

As the smallest metropolitan area ever to host a Super Bowl, special accommodations were needed, such as cruise hotels. When the AFL merged with the rival NFL in 1970, expansion plans were abandoned and Jacksonville began a bidding war. In 1990, the NFL announced that it would expand to two teams, but in 1993, after a series of negotiations, it was announced that a second franchise would move to Jacksonville. At the time, it was thought this was Jacksonville's last chance to get an AFL expansion team, but the expansion plan was scrapped.

The Bulls set many attendance records in the USFL, including only two sellout games, but the league ceased operations after the 1985 season. The success of college football led to an interest in bringing professional football to Jacksonville, which began in earnest in the 1960 "s. Professional football first returned in 1990 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, a member of the National Football League (NFL).

The Armada temporarily joined the National Premier Soccer League amateur league in search of a professional league, but left before the 2017 season. The NASL ceased operations after the 2018 season, and the under-23 team will return in 2019 when the professional team stops operations to look for another league. When the team is starting in the 2018 season, it will be replaced by Armada FC. They joined a newly formed league and played for four seasons, reached the playoffs four times in five years, winning the championship in 2010 and finishing second in 2011.

The sports of the UNF are football, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, athletics and volleyball. The other teams in town are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jacksonville Armada FC and Jacksonville City FC. Rugby includes rugby at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the US men's national team.

The Jacksonville baseball complex, which will be called Financial Ballpark from 2021, will host the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jacksonville Armada FC and Jacksonville City FC. Several college sports events are also held in Jacksonville annually. Jacksonville is also home to two teams in the NCAA Division I I, both competing in NCAA Division I. Most sports played by the UNF are football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, athletics and volleyball. The football team is composed of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the US men's national team and the US men's national team.

The PGA Tour is headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, where the Players Championship is held every year. St. Johns County is also home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the US Open and US Open.

Georgia Tech and Navy have played regular-season games there since 1964, and the Florida State Seminoles have also played single regular-season games there. In addition to the Georgia Tech-Navy game, Florida State plays Southern Mississippi in St. Johns County every year.

Southern State quarterback Brett Favre led the highly favored Seminoles to a 31-20 victory over the Navy Navy Eagles in the first regular-season game.

In the second game of the season, the Florida State Seminoles host the University of Texas at Austin in a non-conference game on Saturday.

In 1888, Jacksonville hosted the first professional football game in the United States, a game between the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears. The team moved to the Boston area, where they were known as the "New England Tea Men," and played home games at Boston's Fenway Park, now Boston Globe Stadium. Jacksonville had its first professional football team in 1974, a short - lively attempt to establish a rival to the NFL. Originally known as the Miami Floridians, they became a regional franchise that played a home game at Jacksonville Memorial Stadium in front of a crowd of about 1,000 fans.

In March 2006, Jacksonville hosted the first PGA Tour tournament in the United States, the US Open. The championship is considered the most prestigious golf tournament in North America and is one of the most important stops on the P Golf Tour. Jacksonville's first attempt at professional football came in 1926, when the Jacksonville All-Stars organized an exhibition game to play against a traveling NFL opponent. The Sharks played in front of about 1,000 fans at Jacksonville Memorial Stadium in a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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