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The homes for sale in Jacksonville Beach are often referred to by residents as "JB," but still offer the same practical amenities. Based on the last 12 months, short-term real estate investors in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, have found their luck.

One of the advantages of living right on the beach is the proximity to the surrounding coast and the inland waterway. With direct access from the Atlantic Ocean, the homes along the IntrACastals enjoy private boat moorings that lead to both the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Surfers line the beach, wade into the Atlantic and boaters use the adjacent inland waterway. For those who crave a little culture, the J. Johnson Gallery is just a few blocks away. The complex features a variety of amenities, including a pool, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool and spa.

It is a golfer's paradise on the redesigned Jacksonville Beach golf course, and just one block from the beach you will find a variety of golf courses, golf shops and restaurants, as well as a golf course and golf cart park. Ideal for families, ideal for a weekend getaway with a beachfront house, pool and spa, or a day trip to one of Jacksonville's many beaches.

Jacksonville Beach is a beach paradise located a stone's throw from the metropolis and just a few miles south of the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Turn to this beach full of surfing, sand and sun and you will surely enjoy a day trip to one of the many beaches. Popular with surfers and fishermen, there is plenty to do on the water, including a variety of surf shops and restaurants as well as a number of restaurants and shops along the beach.

In 1968, the City of Jacksonville granted the community the right to operate as a community under the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (DLE). The city is being monitored by its own nationally recognized police department, the Jacksonville Police Department (JPD).

Jacksonville Beach is managed by the Duval County Public Schools System, which manages four public schools in the city, including a National Blue Ribbon School, which ranks among Florida's top 100 elementary schools. Jacksonville is located in Duvals County and in the Atlantic Ocean Located east of the city and west of Jacksonville International Airport.

Of all the beachfront communities, the Jacksonville Beach property is the largest of the four communities. The average price of condos on Jacksonville Beach is $475,000 and the average house price in the city of Jacksonville is $75,500. According to the Florida Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), the average condo in Jaguars Beach was $782,000 in 2014.

If you look at the last twelve months, Jacksonville Beach's rate of appreciation remains the highest in America at 5.90%. Compared to Florida, the data show that the average annual value increase in the city of Jacksonville is 4.5%. In the late quarter, it was 1.59%, an annual appreciation of $1,743 per square foot, or $5,845 per year.

For Jacksonville Beach, the rate of appreciation is a sign that its properties are continuing to rise in value faster than most communities, despite a nationwide housing market downturn. Over the past 10 years, it has experienced an average annual increase in value of $1,743 per square foot, or $5,845 per year. In fact, beachfront property prices in Jacksonville rose 79.29% in 2016, more than twice the national average of 4.90%, and among the 10% of the nation's highest property values.

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More About Jacksonville Beach