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A 100-year-old casket factory is to one day be a museum showcasing Jacksonville's rich musical history, which, monumental as the band is, is much more than just Lynyrd Skynyrd's. The Jacksonville Historical Society plans to open a new museum at the historic Alcazar Hotel on Jacksonville Beach. The beautiful building, considered one of the historic buildings in Jacksonville, Florida, formerly known as The Alcazars Hotel, is housed in a 1,000 square foot building with a large open-air auditorium and is considered a museum.

It is a great place for families looking for something new and different during their Jacksonville vacation. This is one of the best museums in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and definitely a must for any family on the beach.

If you're looking for more family fun in Jacksonville, read our article about activities with the kids in Jacksonville. If you are on vacation with your little ones, you can visit the Florida Museum of Natural History in Miami Beach, Florida, or the Jacksonville Beach Museum. Don't miss some of our articles about fun things that are done in Orlando, Sarasota and Miami. Make sure to check out some great things in Gainesville, as well as some things to do at Miami International Airport in Florida and some things we'll be doing in Gainesville.

You will want to make the most of your time in Jacksonville during your vacation, so be smart and plan ahead. If you're looking for some fun in and around Jacksonville over the weekend, plan a trip or tour in advance.

If you're looking for cool and unusual things in Jacksonville, consider visiting the Karpeles Manuscript Library and Museum. Spend an afternoon browsing the Jacksonville Historical Society bookstore for new and used books. If you want to take the opportunity to visit one of these places while in Florida, visit the Florida Museum of Natural History in Fort Myers.

If you're looking for a cool tourist attraction in Jacksonville, you might want to think of the Tree Hill Nature Center. If you are exploring the natural beauty of Jacksonville and love nature, this is a great place to visit.

The sanctuary is named after the Timucua Indians who once lived in northern Florida and work with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Florida Department of Natural Resources. Jacksonville Beach is a bustling beachfront neighborhood where tourists and locals gamble, ride roller coasters and race cars. Over the centuries, the area has been settled and occupied, and of course, people continue to flock there on sunny days and weekends. Although the boardwalk was never rebuilt, new attractions have replaced the old ones, but the Beaches Museum on Jacksonville Beach tells the story of the past.

Visitors can use the interpretative signs of the park to learn more about the historic battle and enjoy nature on their geo-walks and picnics. Believe is a St. Augustine attraction and one of the most popular attractions in the state of Florida.

The 1887 chapel is a gem in the box that began as a Episcopal chapel in what is now Jacksonville Beach. If you're coming to Jacksonville in the near future, check out the Mandarin Museum while in town. Visit the early 20th century history of Jacksonville as it was in its heyday at the Jacksonville Historical Society at 314 Palmetto Street. Go back in time and enjoy a trip to Fort Caroline if you're looking for unusual things in Jacksonville.

A law passed in 1924 prohibited blacks and whites from bathing in the sea at what was then Pablo Beach. Back then, a wooden walkable dune protected Jacksonville Beach, where more than 40 homes were destroyed or washed away.

Little Talbot Island State Park is just a few miles away and makes for good times when you're in Jacksonville. Located just a few miles east of Jacksonville, it will provide tons of fun for outdoor people. The memory of this beautiful destination in Florida is cemented in my mind as one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and a great place for a family vacation.

Adventure Landing Jacksonville Beach is hours of fun and an amusement park that offers just about everything you could want in a theme park. There is a large Family Entertainment Center that offers individual and family fun for all ages.

There is only one place in Jacksonville where you can enjoy all these activities, and that is the M's Shack. The M Shack serves children and adults alike in several locations in Jacksonville, including the beach, beachfront and even in the city of Jacksonville itself. This island is a perfect destination for individualists who crave activities in Jaguarsburg, Florida. Walk along the shore, camp, explore nature or go fishing, but there are many other places where you can enjoy all the activities on the island.

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More About Jacksonville Beach